The Gold Coast

Diamond Head, Kapiolani & Kahala


Drive along the coast past the Honolulu Zoo, Kapiolani Park, the Waikiki Aquarium, the War Memorial, around Diamond Head Lookout, down Kahala Ave and back up to the entrance of Diamond Head State Monument. Riding along the Gold Coast is just one segment within the Honolulu Experience. We encourage you to explore the rest of Honolulu by Scoot Coupe. You will be given a custom map at the time of your rental.



Head toward the ocean on Kapahulu Ave. Take a left at Kalakaua Ave. Ride next to the WAIKIKI AQUARIUM and THE WAR MEMORlAL and see KAPIOLANI PARK. After the water fountain, stay straight and explore the historic homes on Coconut Ave until it intersects Diamond Head Road. Make a right and climb to the top where views of local surfers and the DIAMOND HEAD LIGHTHOUSE await. Continue along Diamond Head Road around the Crater to the entrance of the DIAMOND HEAD STATE MONUMENT. Park on the inside of the Crater and hike up to the top for awesome views of Waikiki and Honolulu. When you’re done hiking, head down Monsarrat Ave for a healthy lunch at any one of the LOCAL EATERIES. To explore the beautiful coastline of Kahala Ave. and continue on towards Waialae and Manoa Valley head back up Monsarrat past the Diamond Head entrance to make a left on Kahala Ave. To come back to the shop make a right at Paki Ave and turn left on at the fire station, toward the ocean, on Kapahulu Ave to return back to the shop.


red-side-fountain-16 “My husband and I rented a scoot coupe one day…They are soooo much fun to ride around the island with. We took it up to Diamond Head Crater and around other various places around the island. The people at the rental place were very nice. Very enjoyable experience. Lots of fun!”
yellow-front-smile-16“Rent the scoot coupe! It is awesome! We took out one and followed the map they provided which was perfect! Everything about the experience was 5 stars. Highly recommend this adventure!”